While on my visit to Libertyville, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of touring a show house and garden in the famous neighborhood of Lake Forest. Aside from the fact that this particular house is worth millions of dollars, it also previously belonged to John W. Hughes Jr. who wrote, directed, and produced many memorable 80’s movies such “The Breakfast Club”. A bit of history, this house was built in 1929 and just last year, it was donated to a local medicine hospital. Most recently, 32 designers were hired to redecorate the interior and exterior of the house for display and for future sale. With each room being entirely different and expressing each designers’ character and charm, this historic home really is A DESIGNER'S GET AWAY.

Each room was designed by a different interior designer and I took a special interest in each room. Because each room was so unique, I felt inspired walking through the house. It was interesting to me how even though each room had their own “mood” or “feel” to it, the house still worked and flowed together well. While journeying throughout the house, I knew exactly what room to go to next and I didn’t hesitate to ask about the designer’s vision. The designs of the rooms were not always cohesive to one another but every idea for the room was well thought out and fit the designer’s inspiration perfectly. It was obvious to me that each designer had a certain style of crafting their vision.

UPPER HALL by Wells Street Design (Leslie Bowman)

Upper Hall” is elegant with a neutral color palette that carries over into the master bedroom and dressing room. This part of the house is seen as a welcoming nook and according to the designer, “it is an ideal spot to curl up and read a book or enjoy a nightcap and reflect on the day”.

MASTER REPRIEVE by Pure & Simple Interior Design (Randy Heller)

MASTER BEDROOM by Kim Scodro Interiors LLC (Kim Scodro)

Although the “Master Bedroom” and “Master Reprieves” are connected, both of these rooms have been decorated by different designers. I really enjoy how the rooms almost look as if the designers collaborated together to create french style setting. Again filled with neutrals, both areas incorporate soft pinks and other warm colors to add a touch of femininity and depth. The white bedding, crystal chandlers, and 22k gold bed frame make the rooms feel elegant and make a person feel royal.

TEEN GIRL'S BEDROOM by Jeannie Balsam LLC (Jeannie Balsam)

GIRL'S DRESSING ROOM by Kendelle Cornette Interiors (Kendelle Cornette)

Again, another set of rooms that were not created by the same designer but coordinate very well together. These rooms were obviously designed for teenage girls but even as a twenty year old, I would love to have either of these rooms. The colors are slightly overwhelming but rightfully so; “A fun towel discovered on a vacation in Nantucket was the inspiration for the color scheme combining bright fuchsia with inky blue and touches of turquoise”. As for the closet or “Dressing Room”, it is a “vault of all things one deems lovely”.

DEN by Walker Simmons Designs, LLC (Andre Walker and David Simmons)

MAN CAVE by Mikel Welch Design (Mikel Welch)

Without question, the “Den” and “Man Cave” were the most ‘manly’ rooms of the house. These rooms are on seperate floors but both played with texture, fabrics, and elements. The leather, glass, and velvet throughout the rooms added a great design element without having to incorporate many pattens. The “Man Cave” was especially interesting because it was where John Hughes had previously spent time working. Knowing that John Hughes wrote some of the greatest movies in that room gave me chills and a different perspective than the rest of the house had during my tour.

TEEN RETREAT by Courage & Co. (Amy Courage)

My favorite room was the “Teen Retreat”. Almost everything in the room was stark white which is ironic when you think about how this room has been made for teens who are generally pretty messy. With that being said, I think the designer made the room white purposely to allow kids to make it a masterpiece of their own. I loved how there were many art aspects throughout the room such as a photo wall, a desk with open sketch books, and framed artwork on the walls made by small children. I also enjoyed the technology savvy products; a ventless fireplace and a flat screen TV lined the smallest wall bordered with windows.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this "designer's get away" blog post!



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