Little adventures are my favorite. As of lately, I’ve been exploring the outdoors more than usual during the winter season. Last year, a close friend introduced me the state park near our school and I’ve always wanted to go back. Ever since, I’ve explored the area a few times; I’ve watched the sun rise and on my most recent trip, I collaborated with photographer Keyara Perry to put together this ideal snow day look.

First of all, let’s start by asking ‘did you really go on an adventure with me if something didn’t go wrong?’ (the answer is no, by the way). While exploring, my car so wonderfully got stuck in a ditch (sorry, mom) which then resulted in us screaming on the side of the road waiting for someone to help us. Luckily, a kind, old man made his way over to my car and was somehow miraculously prepared… he hooked a giant mental chain from his truck to my car and within seconds, all was well again. Just a story to laugh about later… right?

On another note, I was stoked about this outfit. I have mixed feelings about winter but I have learned to appreciate it at times solely because of this hat. If I’m being perfectly honest, most of the time I’m caught wearing a hat is because I’m either having a bad hair day or I’m just entirely too lazy to wash my hair. I have a thing for (faux) fur and I had to have this hat the second I saw it; not only because of it’s obvious warmth but also because it makes a crazy statement that is only suitable for a few months out of the year. Layers, layers, layers… the entirety of this outfit consisted of my attempt to bundle up for the snow in a stylish way. A started with a black long sleeve shirt, wore a long maroon flannel over top, added a distressed denim vest for some texture and contrast, and finished off with a ‘larger than life’ creme knit scarf. Black leggings are comfy on any day but especially a snow day; I then paired the leggings with tribal wool socks and my Docs to add a slightly punk element. Alas, my ideal snow day outfit was complete.

A huge thank you to Keyara for these wonderful pictures! Thanks for reading!

photography: Keyara Perry

shirt: Target

flannel: Portobello Road (Ames)

vest: Forever 21

leggings: Lulu Lemon

scarf: Zara

hat: Top Shop

socks: T.J. Maxx

boots: Dr. Martens



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