My life consists of boyfriend jeans and messy hair on a regular basis. My hair is kind of just expected to look disheveled when I live somewhere that’s in a constant state of weather confusion; rain, wind, snow, or a combination of the three, commonly make an appearance thanks to mother nature. A messy bun takes the win today and I’m completely okay with it. Luckily, my jeans are just as rugged as my hair and if I’m being totally honest, I’d pick wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans over having a boyfriend any day.

Denim, especially ripped denim, never fails me. I’ve had these jeans for over a year now and I can pair them with just about anything….or make a point to put something together just to wear these jeans. You can tell how much I’ve worn these boyfriend jeans just from how much more ripped and exposed the wholes in the knees have become. I’m convinced that if you find the right pair of jeans, you’ll never actually feel as if you’re wearing jeans. On days like today, I wanted to be comfortable while running around to important meetings; basically I was feeling lazy but needed to look more put together than I was actually feeling… a typical Monday. This cream, fuzzy sweater is a trendy find; incredibly cozy, it can be layered or worn as a type of accessory tied around the waist. Because the neckline in the front and back is a little low, I chose to wear a lacy black bralette underneath for a touch of girly detail. The black frayed scarf almost copies the effect of the rips in the jeans to keep the look cohesive with added warmth. Black pointed-toe heels and a classic red lip dress up and completely change the casual attire into a street chic look. A fairly simple ensemble, this outfit works given the season and beginning of the week occasions.

Thank you to Sarah Ramundt for always being the wonderful photographer that she is and I will be back with another post next week!

photography: Sarah Ramundt

jeans: Urban Outfitters

sweater: Forever 21

scarf: J.Crew

bralette: Urban Outfitters

glasses: PlayN Eyewear

heels: Nine West

ring: Primark



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