Mondays aren’t that terrible when you spend the day doing something you love… plus, there’s nothing cooler than finding new friends that you’re able to collaborate with creatively. For this minimalistic, Urban Outfitters inspired look, I paired up with my friend Kylie who is an aspiring stylist. We were able to pull together this ensemble for a clean cut little Monday photoshoot.

I’ve recently learned to like my natural features so I’ve toned down the makeup and hair; basic face makeup, brows, mascara, and undone hair. I can’t promise that I’ll keep up with ‘not touching my hair directly after I shower’ hairstyle but I’m hoping it’ll stay for at least a little while. Fingers crossed my hair becomes healthier and actually grows…. anyway, back to the outfit.

This black denim overall dress was something I picked up over the summer and I am loving how versatile it is; there’s not really anything that you can’t pair it with. The metal buttons down the front play as a built in accessory and are visually appealing to the eye. Underneath I added a semi-sheer basic white tee that, in my opinion, every girl should have in her wardrobe. Low-key pretending it’s fall with these ankle booties… how cool are they?! In my mind, they somewhat resemble a type of futuristic space boot with how tall and chunky they are. These ankle booties are mainly made of rubber so they’re super comfortable, easy to clean, and actually have traction (bring it on, winter). Per usual, I am rocking a ridiculous amount of rings but to really top off this getup, the denim “babe” hat (the embroidered eyes are to die for) and vintage bandana were a must. An overall simplistic look with a few extra features courtesy of the photographer/stylist herself.

Oh, and also be sure to check out Kylie’s website, she’s kind of the Thanks for stopping by, catch ya on the flip side.



photography: Kylie Clare

dress: H&M

t-shirt: Forever 21

booties: H&M

bandana: Portobello Road (Ames)

hat: Urban Outfitters

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