Hello + welcome back. Well, per usual, I have been pretty inconsistently updating my blog but I hope this post gives you a reason to want to revisit my website. Over the past few months, the design ‘craziness’ was at it’s peak which resulted in me being MIA in almost every area of my life. Although this situation was not necessarily ideal, I learned a great deal about what I really want in my future career and about how to keep up with multiple aspects of the fashion industry without really being present in a fashion-capital deemed city. Most recently, I took what I learned and used it to feed my fashion hungry self to do some experimenting in unfamiliar territory. I’ve made my own clothing for years now but as far as my senior collection goes, I took it upon myself to push boundaries within street wear; I hand painted, hand bleached, frayed, digitally printed fabric and even used a few power tools here and there to create a cohesive line of clothing. (Shameless plug, feel free to go check out the photos of my results under the ‘portfolio’ tab).

With that being said, my collection is now complete and a new year has started; it’s both motivational and refreshing. After giving myself a little break and allowing myself to clear my mind, I’ve made it a point to set some new standards and goals for myself when it comes to fashion. The word ‘fashion’ itself is almost overused throughout my blog/portfolio and a large portion of my life is centered around it, but what does it really mean? Whether I am sewing something myself or just playing around in front of the camera, I’ve decided that I want to really focus my time creating the best fashion content possible. I can’t promise I will post consistently and I can’t promise it will be appealing to everyone’s personal style, however, I can promise that I will be putting my best work forward. After making my own line of clothing, my ideas and meaning of fashion have drastically changed (in a good way) making me want to go crazy with what I am pursuing in life. Fashion is another wonderful form of art and I want to put my ideas and creations of fashion out into the world to inspire others and help others learn from the madness.

This shoot was taken a few weeks ago but the results were too cool not to share; my logic was that this look book would be a unique way to jump start the first post of the year while simultaneously explaining my ever so scattered thoughts on how I want to spend the next year in fashion. Thank you for sticking around on my site for a little longer than usual. I hope the upcoming content will not disappoint, feel free to email me about ideas or your thoughts about this post. I’ll be back again soon!



photography: Shae Smith

top: Banana Republic

jacket: Forever 21

culottes: Express

hat: Hurley

chain: Forever 21

heels: TopShop

lips: NYX