Inspiration; harder to find than one would believe. Sometimes I feel as if I am in a complete rut when it comes to finding inspiration… it’s as if I am stuck in a negative mindset and I cannot find a way to get out of it. A few weeks ago, a friend interviewed me for a fashion journalism class and she asked me what my biggest inspiration is and to be honest, I really struggled trying to answer the question. As I sat there for a second (with a confused look on my face, I’m sure), I suddenly blurted out ‘location’, ‘location is my biggest inspiration’. The more I blindly spoke about ‘location’, the more the idea of location made sense to me.

Whenever I travel to somewhere new, I am immediately inspired by everything around me; it’s new, unexplored territory. These places also play a role in how people dress; there’s definitly a correlation between how someone dresses and where they are living. Although I am not currently living somewhere that makes me feel inspired, I’ve been taking it upon myself to spend time doing things that allow me to feel the inspiration I think I’m missing. Rather than living somewhere full of creativity and uniqueness, I am trying to take aspects of places elsewhere that I enjoy and integrating them into my everyday life. Having little photoshoots, making mood boards, drawing, and doing anything that allows me to visualize these locations that I am dreaming of is an incentive to push inspiration. For example, today’s shoot was taken on a whim; a fun, effortless way to keep the vision alive.

In light of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to wear something that incorporated the holiday just a little bit. Naturally, I went for an oversized, pink furry coat; what could be better than that? Valentine’s Day was also a perfect excuse to wear these fun ‘Beauty Marks’ (temporary glitter tattoos) that I have been LOVING lately. Rather than having a modern aesthetic for the backdrop, we stumbled upon a wooded area that reminds me of 'Stranger Things'... doesn't it just scream romantic?! Thanks to my dear friend, Stephanie, for agreeing to be my photographer for the night (P.S. be sure to check out her new styling website, linked below). I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day, thanks for reading!



photography: Stephanie Bramer

coat: local boutique

t-shirt: Forever 21

jeans: Henry & Belle

booties: Steve Madden

beauty marks: Mr. Kate

phone case: Wildflower

choker: piece of string from Jo-Ann's

rings: vintage

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